About Indianapolis

Indianapolis remains one of the top real estate and rental markets in the country.  The cost of housing is among the lowest in the country while rent levels and demand are strong.

Here is what different news outlets have recently reported about the Indianapolis Market:

Most Affordable City : For the 15th consecutive quarter, Indianapolis led the nation’s large cities (population 500,000 and up) in home affordability. The Indiana capital tops the list due to very reasonable home prices and relatively high median income: Nearly 95% of all homes sold were affordable to those earning the metro area’s median income of $68,100.

The Indianapolis Market

The Best and Worst Markets For Single Family Investment  Properties, according to the Wall Street Journal.

1. Durham, NC
2. Huntsville, AL
4. Knoxville, TN
5. Lexington, KY

The Central Indiana Business Climate

# 1 Business Climate in Midwest
Chief Executive Magazine
#1 State Employment from Foreign Investment in Midwest
IBM Global Business Service
#1 State Productivity per Manufacturing Employee in Midwest
Census of Manufacturers
#1 Metro Technology Job Growth in Midwest
Am. Electronic Association
#9 Metro Area for Life Science Employment
Battelle Institute

Location – The Crossroads of America

The Indianapolis International Airport ranked first in the latest JD Power and Associates survey of 64 major national airports.  IND ranked 13th in the previous study – done over two years ago. JD Power and Associates, 2010.

“The Crossroads of America”, Indianapolis is the most centrally located city of the top 100 markets in the U.S and is intersected by more segments of interstate and United States highways than any other metro area

75% of the U.S. and Canadian population can be reached within a one-day truck drive from the Indianapolis Region.

The Indianapolis Market

Indianapolis-Carmel had the lowest sales price of the chosen markets in fourth-quarter 2010, at $106,000, and the highest affordability, with 93.5 percent of homes affordable for households making the median income. Indianapolis-Carmel has been the most affordable housing market in the nation almost continuously for the past five years

The area’s projected 10-year home-price-appreciation rate is at 24.3 percent, Indianapolis-Carmel had the highest projected 10-year ROI of the chosen markets: 300.9 percent.