Due Diligence

Some of the most business savvy and wealthiest people in the world have made substantial sums of money in real estate. No investment is free of risk but there are ways to mitigate risk so that investing can be profitable and reasonably safe if the proper steps are taken. Our clients rely on us to generate passive income while mitigating risk. Our knowledge, experience and due diligence process aides in mitigating risk and helps to create profitable, long term investments.

As long term residence and investors in Central Indiana, the PARC team has an extensive business history and a deep working knowledge of the Metropolitan Indianapolis real estate market. PARC provides it own in-house property due diligence and research, renovation supervision, and property management which decreases inefficiencies and further reduces the chance of risks associated with outsourcing.

To help insure the real estate fundamentals are sound, the PARC Team completes the following due diligence analysis on every investment property.

  1. Neighborhood Analysis
  2. Market Value Analysis
  3. Rental Analysis
  4. Cash Flow & Profit Analysis
  5. Renovation Analysis

Once the due diligence is complete, the home is purchased, renovated and rent stabilized, and then offered to our clients as a sound investment option for their rental portfolio.