There are a number of ways PARC’s clients are financing their turn-key investment real estate purchases. The most common sources of capital include:

Investment Funds: There has been a recent surge of investors purchasing Turn- key Properties, who are choosing to move their investments from underperforming investments in stocks, bonds, money markets and other traditional investments. The fact that you own an asset and that the returns tend to be more predictable are certainly attractive to many investors.

Self-directed IRA: Another popular source of capital many people are choosing is IRA or Roth IRA tax deferred retirement accounts. PARC works with several “Self-Directed” IRA custodial trust companies and we will be happy to assist you in establishing an account so you too can choose to take back control of your retirement account and invest in turn-key properties.

Mortgage Financing: Many people don’t realize that you may still have the opportunity to finance rental properties. Our mortgage sources offer individual investors the opportunity to finance up to 4 properties with a 20% down payment, and up to 10 properties with a 25% down payment. The minimum loan amount for financing properties is currently $50,000.

Please contact a PARC Investment Advisor for additional information and recommended service providers.