PARC’s System Defined …

1  Location
At PARC we choose to invest in Indianapolis real estate because of the affordability of the properties and the high rental rates and demand.  Indianapolis has been recognized by real estate professionals investors across the country, and the world, as one of the best markets  for residential cash-flow investors.

2  Acquisition
Our investment properties are selected based on location, acquisition cost, renovation cost, area rent rates and rental demand.  We often purchase at auction or from lender portfolios to ensure the lowest possible purchase price which then allows us to renovate and sell affordable, quality properties exclusively to our investors.

3  Renovation
Our experienced construction team of staff members and contractors inspect the properties thoroughly and renovate them to insure the risk of future maintenance issues  is reduced for our investors. PARC offer our investors a 1 year warranty with the purchase of each property! We guarantee our work!

4  Property Management
A professional property management team is crucial to maximizing your return on investment and protecting your asset.  Our partners at Home Rental Connection handle the leasing, timely collection of rent, maintenance issues and accounting.  Our team has 20 years of experience in the Indianapolis area and pride themselves on  service and communication.

5  Investor Investment Plan
PARC’s team will implement a plan that works for you.  Whether you are a cash buyer, need financing or want to use your retirement plan to generate tax free returns, our focus is to make your investment stress free and successful.